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Brazil / Higher Ed



Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Use cases from higher ed & academic journals to short stories.

Short story customers can purchase individual stories and/or customize their own short story ebooks

Translated & localized for Brazil



Translated & localized for Spain & Latin America

Professors customize course packs with RemixWidget, students buy course content whole or sliced.

USA / Journals


Some of Our Custom Stores in the World

Minha Biblioteca (consortium of leading higher-ed publishers in Brazil)




Built digital subscription module for institutions to purchase annual subscriptions

Get journals by the article or issue, mix & match to create custom journal collections


Spain / Short Stories


Editorial Páginas de Espuma

“Our users are increasingly demanding more flexibility in how they consume content. The Slicebooks platform makes it easy for us to break our content into standalone chapters and gives our professors a quick and innovative way to create their own customized course packs.”


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Richardt Rocha Feller

"We reviewed various options for building a new kind of journal store with new functionality for our customer base. The Slicebooks platform offers the most cutting-edge and customizable solution available."


Páginas de Espuma.

What Our Customers Say

Jed Lyons

We love to hear from our customers!

“We always wanted to allow our readers to create their own anthologies mixing their preferred short stories from different books and authors, but it was impossible to do it in print. Thanks to Slicebooks remix technology, we can offer this innovative service to our readers.”


Minha Biblioteca

Juan Casamayor

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